No one wants to be stranded with a vehicle that won't start. You may be trying to leave for work or to perform an errand, or you might find yourself stranded at a parking lot. Whatever the event, this is not a scenario you want.

To avoid this happening, you may want to test your battery. You will need a voltmeter, which can be either analog or digital. First, attach the positive voltmeter lead to the battery's positive terminal. Next, attach the negative lead to the battery's negative terminal. Compare the readings. A reading of 12.4 or higher is good, and a reading of 12.2 or below is bad.

If you suspect that your battery is not fully charged, or you have tested it and have discovered that you need a new one, bring your vehicle in to Select Automotive in Virginia Beach. We will test it and replace if necessary. Our staff can provide these and any other automotive services you may require.



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