BMWs legacy of world-class performance and precision craftsmanship shines through in every model that wears the blue and white shield. However, BMW has developed a unique sense of identity for each one of its model series. The infamous 3-series is the definitive luxury sports car while the legendary 7-series is the epitome of luxury through precision engineering. The 6-series, a relative newcomer to the BMW lineup, offers a unique blend of the two concepts, offering a track proven performance platform that is also built to level of refinement that would appease even the most discerning tastes.

The 6-series is a 4-door coupe offered in 2 primary styles; the Gran Coupe and the crossover Gran Turismo hatchback, with a higher roofline and more interior space. The Gran Coupe has several trim levels, including the menacing M6 and the most exclusive pairing of performance and luxury, the Alpina B6. However it is configured, the 6-series offers exhilarating performance and world-class luxury in a beautifully sculpted package. Come visit Select Automotive to have your own personal experience with engineering perfection.



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