At Select Automotive in Virginia Beach, our team always takes the time to provide our consumers with information that helps them keep their vehicles in good shape. Protecting the outside of your vehicle by using a car cover is important for a number of reasons.

The primary reason that you should use a car cover is to protect the exterior of your vehicle from the weather. The sun's rays can cause extreme damage to the paint and may also cause the rubber trim to crack. To protect your vehicle from the sun, you should choose a car cover that is made with a UV resistant material. Moisture from the rain and snow can also cause damage to your vehicle. When you need to protect your vehicle from excessive precipitation, use a cover that is made with a water repellent material.

Animals are another reason to use a car cover. Animals, such as squirrels, cats, and mice, can scratch the exterior and damage the paint. A thick cover works best to protect your vehicle from animals.



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