When you drive at night, you sometimes get a glare from cars that are behind you. In many cases, your eyes will get fixed on a spot and that is very dangerous. This is an optical illusion which affects the driver's visual perception while driving in the dark. It's called the Troxler Effect.

New cars now have an auto-dimming mirror using a sensor which looks for the glare. The new technology will darken the mirrors automatically so that the glare will go away, and you can drive without being annoyed by headlights behind you that don't go away.

Driver Reaction

Without the auto-dimming option, your reaction time is postponed and slows down to 1.4 seconds. Once glare is detected via an ambient light sensor, the car rearview mirrors will automatically darken by a process known as electrochromism. This is very effective in getting rid of that annoying glare.

The sensors for auto-dimming work with microprocessors to detect headlights with a sharp glare. Together with the semiconductor that will turn the light into a current, an electrochromic gel is released like magic to darken the rearview mirrors in your car!



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