When you step on the gas pedal, does something seem a little off? Maybe the fuel injectors are dirty. Or worse, there's a problem with the fuel pump. If the fuel pump isn't working properly, gasoline can't efficiently travel from the fuel pump to the engine. So, be on the alert for fuel pump trouble signs.

An engine shouldn't sputter at high speeds. The engine also should handle hills with little trouble or towing something within its weight capabilities. Sputtering or other odd behaviors when traveling indicates something is amiss.

Is the vehicle also showing poorer-than-usual gas mileage? Fuel economy generally stays consistent unless something is out of the ordinary. The same is true regarding surging. Vehicles don't surge unless there's a problem. An improperly operating fuel pump could be causing such woes.

Driving around Virginia Beach with a failing fuel pump isn't the safest strategy. Call up the service department at Select Automotive to get your car checked out.



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