Synthetic motor oil differs from conventional oils in that it is created solely from chemical compounds. Synthetic oil may offer less evaporative loss, high resistance to thermal breakdown, higher viscosity index, and reduced problems with sludge. The stability of synthetic oil at both high and low temperatures provides enhanced performance. Fans of synthetic motor oil believe that it can help extend the life of the engine.

Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil. The decision of whether you should use synthetic oil or conventional depends on a variety of things. Some vehicle manufacturers require the use of synthetic oil. If your particular vehicle recommends synthetic oil, your dealer’s service department will explain this.

Even if your vehicle does not require the use of synthetic, you may choose to use it. If your vehicle will be running under extreme temperatures, use your vehicle for towing, a lot of stops and go traffic, or other severe conditions, you may choose synthetic oil. Talk to the service department at Select Automotive to get their recommendations and schedule your appointment for an oil change.


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