A dead battery can be real aggravating. When you need your car to start right away, a dead battery means the engine won’t turn over. Often, the culprit for battery troubles is the weather. When the temperature goes to extremes, your battery can suffer performance woes.

Cold weather causes extra work for a battery. To power the starter and several accessories, the car draws from the battery. Unfortunately, a battery’s capacity may shrink due to the cold. The strain becomes too much, and the battery doesn’t work. Remember, both the starter and various accessories pull from the diminished battery.

Don’t think a battery only suffers in cold weather. When the weather gets too hot, a battery could also die out. Be ready for the unexpected when the temperatures go to the extreme.

A new battery could contribute to far more consistent performance. The service team at Select Automotive can help you pick one out, and a technician will install it.


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