A Truck Bed Cover Offers Advantages and Disadvantages

The truck bed is an area where you can store a variety of items. If you cover it, you'll gain a few helpful benefits. However, you should think carefully before modifying your truck's design because a truck bed cover can make some tasks somewhat challenging.

When a truck bed has a cover, all items underneath it are totally protected and secured. If the bed bounces after the tires on a truck roll over an obstacle, the items underneath a cover won't fly in the air and land on the road.

Since a cover shields a truck bed…

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Testing Your Vehicle Battery Is Always a Good Idea

No one wants to be stranded with a vehicle that won't start. You may be trying to leave for work or to perform an errand, or you might find yourself stranded at a parking lot. Whatever the event, this is not a scenario you want.

To avoid this happening, you may want to test your battery. You will need a voltmeter, which can be either analog or digital. First, attach the positive voltmeter lead to the battery's positive terminal. Next, attach the negative lead to the battery's negative terminal. Compare the readings. A reading of 12.4…

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